Impresión con transferencia térmica

Polyart® is a natural for applications demanding the printability and converting characteristics of paper as well as the durability of plastic.

  • Polyart  continues to maintain good print quality while withstanding a variety of hostile conditions.
  • Resistant to tearing and water, Polyart is an ideal substrate for outdoor applications. Plus, because Polyart is resistant to seawater, it is perfect for drum labels, shipping labels, etc.
  • Resistant to oily substances and most chemical products (i.e. ammonia, caustic soda, isopropyl alcohol).
  • Smudge proof Thermal Transfer print, absorbent and resistant coating in wet environment.
  • Due to its special manufacturing process, Polyart  has no grain direction, which allows it to easily conform to shapes of bottles, and increases its foldability.
  • Can withstand extreme heat and cold, remaining dimensionally stable up to 60° C / 140° F and down to -60° C / -76° F.
  • Due to its good UV resistance and weathering characteristics, Polyart will not shrink or become brittle.
  • Complies with specifications for toy regulations.
  • Can be Gamma irradiated for medical sterilization processing.  After being sterilized, it is microbially clean.
  • Meets class 10 microchip clean room specifications.
  • Because of balanced physical properties, conforms well to irregular surfaces or very tight radii.

U.S.A. ribbon recommendation chart

  Wax Wax / Resin Resin
IIMAK Versa Mark, High Mark, Prime Mark, PM350, SP330
Fast Wax, DC100** Net Mark IQ (NE), NET Resin (NE),
  Net Color**, DC200** DC400**
Sony Chemicals Corp. TR 3021-3023** TR 5050, 4065, 5080 TRX-76
TR 4085 plus TR 4500  
ITW Thermal Films W-90/B220 M-99/B112 B324
Coding Products   TTR 7994 TTR Series (40 & 50)**
Dynic USA Corp S-2 L3, HT5, S-3, HT8, C3 L20, HL21, NK21, HL30, HL35, HL45, HL50
DNP W110, W120C**,
W137, W160, W190(NE)
M290(NE), M260 R300, R316, R316C**
Ricoh Electronics Inc.   B110A/ B120BF/ B120E B120EC
NCR Ultra Wax, Edge /Ulktra Ultra V K3
UCA UN-250 UN-500/US-150 US-300
Japan Pulp & Paper (USA) Corp. JPD-1 WAX JPD-1 HYBRID JP RESIN 1
Pylor Technologies TKNE11 TKCR11 TKCR21
Armor AWX 500 APR 600, APR 5 AXR 600, AXR 7+
Fujicopian USA FTX100, FTC100 FTX,205, FTX 215, FTC200, FTX401, FTX402, FTX403X FTX303, FTX501
Digital Printing Media QM102 QM203 QM301

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European ribbon recommendation chart

  Wax Wax / Resin Resin
Armor AWX 500 APR 600, APR 5 AXR 600, AXR 7+
Dynic UK Ltd. M2 L345,M3,HT8Plus (NE) HL26, S21, HL30, HL35, HL45, HL50
  Prime Mark, PM350, SP330,
IIMAK Flex Mark, DC100** Net Mark IQ(NE), NET Resin(NE),
  Net Color(NE), DC400**
Sony Chemicals Corp. TR 3021-3023**
TR 4085 plus
TR 5050, 4065, 5080
TR 4500
Ricoh Industrie France S.A.   B110Ti, B110A, B120E, B130EV B110CR/ B120EC
NCR Ultra "V" Pacesetter Matrix Resin
Keymax T 365 Gold Alpha
Regma   3 RTTX 4 RTTX
Leonhard Kurz   K200 / K300 K501
Baltea S.P.A.   TTR 100  
Oeser     800 TC / 900 EK
Pelikan T 015 / T 005 T 001 T 016
Graficor GC I GC II GC 8
ITW Thermal Films B-220 B128/B121 B324
Astro-Med Inc. RC / RAJ RV 2  
Columbia International T 11 / T 64 T 69 T 67 / T 70 / T 68

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