Wet glue cut and stack labels

For synthetic wet glue labelling
Polyart® wet glue labels can be applied with existing wet glue labelling equipment and dries rapidlly.

Polyart wet glue labels: for paper label replacement

  • for glass and plastic bottles
  • can be applied on existing wet glue labelling equipment
  • compatible with conventional adhesives for paper labels
  • rapid drying time
  • conformable, clean edges with no wrinkle, no curl.

Polyart wet glue labels: easy printing and converting

  • available in sheets and rolls
  • printable by sheet fed offset litho, and rotary processes (gravure, flexo). Conventional & UV
  • compatible with traditional oxidation inks for coated paper
  • excellent die cutting
  • can be hot foil stamped and embossed.

Polyart Wet Glue is a patented product, Patent No.: US 9,375,896 B2


Labels of wine & spirits, detergents, sauces & oils.

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