About us


Arjobex specialises in the production and sales of synthetic paper under the established and global brand Polyart®.

A global leader in the manufacturing of synthetic paper, Arbojex has been a partner in the printing industry for over 50 years.

With worldwide sales, Arjobex operates manufacturing sites and R & D centres in both Europe and North America.

Arjobex places a premium on respect for the environment and is constantly striving to reduce impact on the environment to the lowest possible levels.

All Arjobex production sites already comply with ISO 14001 standards for Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and OHSAS 18001 standards for Health and Safety. These standards were implemented to maintain and enhance company environmental performance to comply with accepted national and international standards for sustainable development.

With its strategy of constant innovation, Arjobex provides clients with high added-value environmentally-friendly products.



Company Profile

  • 170 employees
  • 3 production sites:
    • - North America : Charlotte, NC
    • - Europe :
        Clacton-On-Sea (U.K.)
    •   Rives (France)
  • R&D centers in Europe and in the United States
  • A registered trademark :  POLYART
  • Sales offices in Charlotte NC (USA), Paris (France), New Delhi (India), Guangzhou (PR China) and Singapore
  • Sales worldwide




Our history

  • 68’s     Invention of Polyart  Synthetic Paper in Europe
  • 80’s     Launch of easy to print coated Polyart by British Petroleum/Arjowiggins joint venture
  • 90’s     Charlotte, USA facility opens 
  • 2000’s Asian development, sales office in China (Guangzhou) and Hong Kong
  • 2007  2 metre width capacity
  • 2010  Digital range
  • 2013  Arjobex Security
  • 2016  Polyart Laser
  • 2017  Sales office in India
  • 2018  Arjobex 50th anniversary